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Bento Recipe: Bacon and enoki mushroom stir-fry


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This is a lazy version of obimake enoki, which is bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms. The two flavors go well together, but sometimes you're hungry now and it's a hassle to wrap them up all nice and lovely. So whaddaya gonna do?


    enoki mushrooms

I use 7 oz of enoki mushrooms (because that's the size of the packages I buy) and 4 strips of turkey bacon. Regular bacon will work, of course, and you may not need as much, as regular bacon produces more grease than turkey bacon. Anyway, wash the mushrooms and cut away the blocky root. Cut the bacon into sixths the short way, so you end up with a lot of squarish segments. (Or slice them into other shapes. Or get out your sakura-shaped vegetable cutter and go to town if you're so inclined.) Heat up a large frying pan to medium and put the bacon in. Stir-fry until the bacon has released enough grease to cover the bottom of the pan. Now add in the mushrooms. Stir well to coat them with the bacon juices. Turn down the heat a touch, cover, and let it simmer for a few minutes. Stir. Let it cook in this fashion until the mushrooms turn a little richer in color, and stop when the tinier stems start going limp but the large ones are still firm.