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Bento Recipe: Banano split


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Kawagashi!A banano split is like a banana split, but smaller. It started out with my quandary of what to do with a big bunch of baby bananas, all of which ripened simultaneously. OK, it's not a bento recipe, but I'm posting it anyway. So there.

What you need for each split:

    1 baby banana
    2-3 tablespoon scoops of ice cream
    chocolate sauce
    crushed nuts
    a cherry, if available
    a small bowl or dish - I use a dipping sauce dish.

Peel the baby banana, split it lengthwise, and put it in the bowl. Using a tablespoon, scoop out two or three scoops of ice cream and put them between the banana halves. Drizzle chocolate sauce and then crushed nuts over that, and finally stick a cherry on top of it all. There ya go!