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Bento Recipe: Banana egg roll


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This is something that just popped into my head one day, and I tried it, and it was tasty and very easy to make, so here ya go. They're like little fruit pies!


    1 ripe banana for every 3 rolls
    egg roll wrappers
    honey (optional)
    a little water
    oil for frying

Cut an average-sized banana into thirds. Place a segment on the middle of the wrapper, diagonally so the ends point toward the corners, then brush the wrapper edges with water. (Just using your finger will do.) Fold the bottom corner up around the banana. Then fold the corners on either side inward, overlapping in the center. Finally, roll down the remaining corner to form a tight cylinder. Repeat until you've used all the banana.

Heat the deep-frying oil to 350 in a shallow pan. Fry the egg rolls until the skins are crisp and golden brown, turning as necessary to cook them evenly. When they're done, drain them on paper towels.

These are at their tastiest when eaten freshly-made and hot, with some honey to dip them into for that added touch of decadence. I wouldn't advise keeping them for more than a few days, as bananas get discolored and weird fairly quickly.