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Bento Recipes: Stir-fried chicken & broccoli


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This is similar to beef & broccoli, but with chicken and simpler directions. Well, you can go to the stir-fried beef & broccoli recipe and just change the meat. I won't stop you. But this version is quick and easy (not to mention imprecise), so I'm listing it separately.

What you'll need:

    1 chicken breast, cut into bite-sized bits
    Two cups of broccoli florets
    Salad mushrooms, cut into halves or fourths depending on size
    Yakisoba sauce
    Cooking oil (I use canola)

Heat about a tablespoon of cooking oil in a deep pan. Put in the broccoli and mix well to coat the broccoli completely. Let it cook covered on medium high heat, stirring it up every few minutes or so to keep the broccoli from burning. When it turns bright green add in the mushrooms. Cook for another five minutes, stirring every so often. Then add in the chicken and squirt in as much yakisoba sauce as you like. Stir-fry that long enough to be sure the chicken is completely cooked.

This can be eaten by itself or over rice or udon.