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Bento Recipe: Chocolate Covered Bacon


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Yes. Chocolate covered bacon. If you're reading this page for the first time you're either intrigued or appalled. If you're interested enough to try it, here's how.

Consult your doctor before trying these. What you need

    Meltable chocolate
    Parchment paper

Cook the bacon until crispy but not dried out. (For 4 strips, a few minutes in my microwave does the trick.) Pat all the grease off the bacon with paper towels. Cut it into segments a few inches long unless you really want long, kinda-unwieldy choco-bacon sticks. Melt the chocolate. I use chocolate melts, made for dipping fruit and stuff, and just follow the directions on the package.

When the chocolate is good and soft, dip the bacon in. Make sure both sides are coated - I gently scrape the excess off with a chopstick so it doesn't get too thick - and then set it on the parchment paper to cool and harden.

Show them to your friends and see whether they act horrified or ask for some. If they've already tried chocolate chip bacon cookies, they'll almost certainly want some of these.