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Bento Recipe: Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies


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This may sound appalling to you. Trust me, I do not normally mix meat and chocolate either! But think about it: chocolate and salty go well together; just bite into a chocolate covered pretzel if you doubt me. And have you ever eaten chocolate chip pancakes with bacon? Didn't seem bad at all then, I'll bet.

Chocolate chios and bacon. Believe it, suckas! 

I've seen by-scratch recipes on the web, and you can Google one up if you want, but I took the lame, lazy way out and used storebought cookie dough because I wasn't sure I'd like these. I'd have been ticked off if I'd made cookies from scratch and didn't even like them!


    1 stick of chocolate chip cookie dough at room temperature
    6 pieces of cooked bacon, crumbled or chopped up fine, with some larger squares set aside

Basically, follow the instructions on the tube of cookie dough, but first mix the bacon into it. I just place everything in a bowl and knead it until it's well mixed together. Then place blobs of dough on greased or parchment-papered cookie sheets, and stick one of the squares of bacon on top. Cook according to instructions, let cool, and eat.