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Bento Recipe: Chocolate dipped strawberries


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I wanna be just like you when I grow up!Simple to make and so very, very good!


    chocolate melts

You need to use chocolate melts as opposed to chips or other chocolate that's not designed for dipping. Trust me on this. First, wash and pat dry the strawberries, but do not cut off the top part with the leaves. Then put the melts in a small microwave-safe container and nuke them at half power for 30 seconds. Stir them with a fork. Nuke for another 30 seconds at half power. Stir again. Soon the melts will soften. When you can stir them into a thick liquid, they're ready. If you microwave them any more the chocolate can thicken and become unsuitable.

Hold a strawberry by the leaves and dunk it into the chocolate. Cover about 2/3 of the berry, leaving the top free. Set it down on a plate to cool. If you can get it to balance on the leaves, well and good, as that keeps the chocolate off the plate, but that's not always possible. (A pair of chopsticks can help manipulate the berry at this point.) Repeat until all are dipped. Let the chocolate harden. If berries are stuck to the plate by hardened chocolate, use a spoon to lever them up. With a little finesse you can do this without leaving chocolate "peelings" on the plate.

If you have more leftover chocolate than you expected, why not dunk some other stuff? Try other fruit (like the grape pictured above), cherries, potato chips, cookies, pretzels, whatever. I especially like chocolate Pringles.