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Bento Recipe: Chicken soup


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Beau--ootiful Soo-oop!Or, "stone soup with chicken." This is something you can quickly throw together out of whatever you have available, so long as you have some chicken, and either chicken stock or boullion cubes. You can make chicken stock in the same way you make turkey stock, just using a chicken carcass.

Once you have the broth heating on your oven, browse around and find stuff to throw into the pot. Cut up some chicken, obviously. Leftover chicken is fine, and this is a good way to use up the shreds and little bits. Then just put in whatever strikes your fancy, "stone soup" fashion. Among the things I like to use are: celery, carrots, scallions, peas, green beans, lotus root, water chestnuts, mushrooms, rice (non-sticky type!), and potatoes. (The rice and potatoes are an "either-or" for me, and if I'm going to freeze some of the soup for later I use neither, as both get icky when frozen.) Season with salt and whatever else you like, then simmer for a half hour to allow everything to cook through and the flavors to blend.