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Bento Recipes: Coleslaw


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When I made this, I had a bag of shredded green & red cabbage and carrots that just needed dressing. This recipe is for that dressing.

What you'll need:

    1/2 cup of mayonnaise
    2 tbsp of vinegar
    1/2 tsp of sugar
    2 tbsp of milk

Note on ingredients: The original recipe specified cider vinegar. Well, I didn't have that, so I used rice vinegar, and it worked fine for me. The original recipe also included a tablespoon of ground celery seed, and since I didn't have any of that either I just left it out.

Mix the sugar, milk, and mayonnaise, then add the vinegar and whisk until smooth. Pour over the salad portion of the slaw and mix until it's all coated. I had about 7 cups of cabbage, and I could have used a bit more dressing. Next time I'll use this amount of dressing for 4 cups of slaw.