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Bento Recipes: Cows in blankets


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This is something I fiddled up while thinking about pigs in blankets. You can bake a hot dog in its own bun, so why not a burger? Why not indeed! So I did just that, and dubbed the result "cows in blankets."

To make this you need some cafeteria roll dough and ground beef. Shape the beef into small patties and then either fry or grill them until they're about medium done. Then press them between paper towels, because you don't want grease getting into the dough. Make thin rounds of the aforementioned dough, only a smidge wider around than the patty, then sandwich the patties in the rounds and pinch the dough together to seal. I find it's best to use thin rounds and roll the pinched-together part back into the main mass, otherwise you end up with a big roll with only a little bit of meat in the center.

So, after you cover the meat with the dough continue with the cafeteria roll directions, picking up at when you put them in a greased pan. If you're making both plain rolls and cows in blankets in the same batch, it can be helpful to mark the cows in blankets with sesame seeds.

Serve with ketchup as a dipping sauce. :)