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Bento Recipe: Crepes


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Stuff in a thin pancakey wrapper.


    1 crepe wrapper for every crepe you want to make. You can buy them, or find a crepe recipe, or be lazy like me and use thinned-down pancake mix.
    Whatever you want to fill it with. Fruit, cream, sweet spreads, meat, vegetables, whatever you like!

These can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them. I simply make a thin batch of pancake batter, fry some pancakes in a well-greased pan (pressing down with the spatula after turning each pancake to make it thinner), and then use those as wraps. These work well with sweet fillings, for example Nutella.

To assemble the crepe, first decide if you want to roll it or fold it in half. (I roll larger ones and fold smaller ones.) Place the filling on the center third of the wrapper if it'll be rolled, or on one side if it'll be folded. Roll or fold, and there you are!