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Bento Recipe: Deli sandwiches


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Deli sandwiches are, to me, sub sandwiches with less showoffy bread. They're a bit smaller when I make them. That's it. I like to use deli meat 'cause it just works so well, and homebaked bread 'cause it's so tasty and I can shape and size the loaves however I want.

A tip: leaf lettuce (as opposed to shredded) just inside the bread will keep it from getting all soggy with tomato, meat, and other juices. If you won't be able to refrigerate it, leave out the mayo or use squeezy packages from fast food places.

Here's what I've made so far:

  • Turkey: deli-sliced turkey, iceberg lettuce, and mayo on white mountain bread or French bread.
  • Roast beef: deli-sliced beef, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and mayo on white mountain bread, cafeteria roll, or focaccia bread. (If the beef is a little rare, the juice can make the bread soggy.)
  • Ham: deli-sliced turkey, iceberg lettuce, and mayo on French bread. The taste of the meat was pretty strong - in a good way - so I didn't need much meat to make a good sandwich.