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Bento Recipes: Obimake Enoki


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Well dressed 'shroomsHere's an hors d'oeuvre-y kinda thing that's easy to make and tasty. If you can get fresh enoki mushrooms for a reasonable price, I'd recommend trying this at least once. "Obimake" refers to the bacon that is wrapped around the mushrooms like an obi sash. (Obi are the sashes worn around kimonos.)

    What you need:
    Enoki mushrooms
    Streaky bacon (not too fatty, and turkey bacon is fine)

Cut the bacon in half lengthwise, so you end up with long strips. How much bacon? It varies according to how much enoki you have and how big the bunches are. I had less than a quarter pound of mushrooms and used up six pieces of bacon, but I made small bunches.

Wash the mushrooms, then cut off the root. Separate them into batches about a quarter in diameter. Wrap a bacon strip around it in a spiral from bottom to top and pin the end down with a toothpick. Repeat until all the mushrooms are wrapped.

Lay the wrapped mushrooms on a wire rack (with a pan below to catch the bacon drippings) and broil them for five minutes on each side. You want the mushrooms to be just starting to brown and the bacon to be crisping.

When cooked, remove the toothpick and press the bacon section gently between paper towels to blot off excess grease. Cut them in half in the middle of the bacon and stand the head part up to serve them all pretty and bite-sized, or serve them whole if you like.