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Bento Recipe: Farmer Cheese


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Cottage cheese minus the gooFarmer cheese is pressed cheese curd, and is often used in poutine. It's not the most common form of cheese, but if you really want some Canadian disco fries you can easily make farmer cheese at home.

First, get some cottage cheese and some cheesecloth. Make a "handkerchief" of cheesecloth, 4 layers thick, and spoon the cottage cheese onto it. Gather up the corners to make a little bundle and squeeze it so moisture drips out. Squeeze until the cheese threatens to come through the mesh. Then put a paper towel or some other absorbent thing (like a small towel) around the bundle, put a plate on top, and put a weight on top of that to press more moisture out. (I used a large, empty cooking pot.) Let this sit for about an hour. When you unwrap it, there should be no liquid left, and the curds will crumble apart easily.