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Bento Recipes: Fish in blankets


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First there were hot dogs baked in dough, which are called pigs in blankets. Then came hamburger patties baked in dough, known as cows in blankets. Now I've baked pieces of fish in dough and called them "fish in blankets." Will the blanket madness ever end?

To make this you need cafeteria roll dough and cooked fish. I made mine with baked whiting fillet, but you can use whatever you like, as long as it goes well with bread. Cook the fish and press it dry with paper towels. Cut the fish up into pieces of the desired size. Then make thin rounds of the aforementioned dough, put the fish into the center, and pinch the dough closed again.

When you've assembled the fish and dough continue with the cafeteria roll directions, picking up at when you put them in a greased pan to rise. If you're making both plain rolls and fish in blankets in the same batch, it can be helpful to mark the fish in blankets with sesame seeds.

Serve with ketchup as a dipping sauce.