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Bento Recipes: Forest (or Plains) Octopi


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One fine day I was packing hot dog octopi in with some steamed broccoli. It made sense to put the hot dogs in first, "legs" down, and then pack the broccoli on top. And then I realized that it looked a little like giant octopi moving through a forest, only the tips of their heads visible through the tops of the trees. So, I call this "Forest Octopi."

Yes, it's silly. So am I.

You can also cook up some stir-fried cabbage, put the octopi on it, and call it plains octopi. To give the cabbage a more grasslands-y texture, you can chop the cabbage up a little more finely than the regular recipe calls for. (It strikes me as kind of an upside-down hot-dog-with-sauerkraut.)