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Bento Recipe: Fried potato skins


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These are to potato chips as steak fries are to French fries. I think.

What you'll need:

    potato peelings (russet, preferably)
    oil for frying
    paper towels to drain them on

Get some potato peelings. Let's say you're making mashed potatoes, and you have to peel some potatoes. Well, first wash the potato well, then save the peelings, discarding any that are too small or have blemishes. Heat some cooking oil in a shallow pan - 1/4" deep works for me - up to medium high, and then put the peelings in, skin side up, separating them if they stick together to make sure they cook evenly. let them fry for a few minutes, until the potato side is lightly browned. Turn them over and cook for a minute longer, then take out and drain them well on paper towels. Serve with salt or whatever else you like on your fried spud products.