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Bento Recipe: Grilled chicken


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This recipe assumes the presence of a George Foreman grill, or a similar device.

What you'll need:

    1 chicken breast, or more if desired
    Marinade, if desired

Cut off all the fat and then marinade the chicken if you're going to. Use soy sauce, ginger sauce, teriyaki sauce, whatever you like. I don't usually do this, as to me grilled chicken is plenty tasty just by itself. Anyway, let it soak for a half hour or more if you're not skipping that step. Then slap it on the grill and close the lid. Let it cook for about three minutes, then open the grill and flip the pieces, rotating them ninety degrees so you'll get crossed grill lines and the pieces will cook very evenly. Grill for another 3 minutes, then take the chicken out and serve immediately.