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Bento Recipe: Grilled chicken salad


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Make this recipe in two parts: the grilled chicken and the salad. Either can be made to any specs; what's below is the simple version I like. It makes a decent-sized lunch salad.

    1 chicken breast
    Frozen & peeled ginger root, ginger marinade, or other seasoning for the chicken, as preferred
    Iceberg and/or romaine lettuce
    2 salad mushrooms
    An inch of cucumber
    1 Roma tomato

Start with the chicken. Cut off all the fat and then season the chicken. I like to shred some ginger root - it shreds much easier when frozen - and then rub the chicken with that. Or marinate it in the ginger marinade. Or you can season it in some other way. Anyway, let the chicken absorb the seasoning for a bit, then grill it. I slap it on my George Foreman grill.

While the chicken is cooking make your salad. Cut or tear up the lettuce. Cut the mushroom into thin slices, ditto with the cucumber, and cut the tomato into wheels. Fill the bento box with this, and arrange the veggies artistically if the chicken still isn't done.

When the chicken is cooked cut it into thin bite-sized strips and place it on top of the lettuce. Put a little container of salad dressing in there somewhere, unless you're the kind who likes salad dressing on your chicken, in which case just squirt it on.