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Bento Recipes: Grilled Beef (and other stuff) a la Foreman


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This recipe is for beef grilled in the way I like best: on a George Foreman grill. Don't you love truth in advertising?

I love my Foreman grill. I don't have the space for a real grill, and anything that's simple and easy to clean gets a thumbs up from me. So, get you a hunk of beef to cook. I don't like to make them too thick; 3/4" is right for me. You can marinate it in whatever you like - teriyaki sauce being an obvious one, and I've also used ginger salad dressing with surprising success - before cooking. Or you can skip marinating. Let the meat marinate, if it's going to marinate, for at least a half hour before cooking to let the flavor soak in. About 5 minutes before cooking, plug in the grill and let it heat up. When it's fully heated and the light goes off (at least, it does with my model) open it up, stick the meat in, and close it again. Let it cook for a few minutes, then open it and flip the meat over and rotate it 90 degrees. (this will make a crisscross grill mark pattern, and ensure it cooks evenly.) Close it and cook a few more minutes. Make a cut in the middle to see if the inside is the desired color; if it's too red for you, grill for a little longer.

Grilled salmon a la Foreman - This is pretty similar to the beef thing. Get a slab of salmon. I like to use a decently thick piece - say, 3/4" thick - because if it's too thin it's likely to come apart if it sticks even a tiny bit to the grill's surface. Marinate it if you like (a mixture of 2 tbsp of mirin and 1 tbsp of soy sauce is a quick & tasty marinade) for a half hour or so. Plug in and heat up the grill as above, then stick the fish in and let it cook for a few minutes. Test it for doneness by flaking it in the middle with a fork. If it flakes and the meat is pale, it's done. If not, close the grill and let it go a minute or two longer. And, of course, you can use other kinds of fish, like whiting, cod, or whatever; the principle's the same.