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Bento Recipes: Grilled Cheese Sandwich


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Shame on me. I shouldn't be encouraging people to make these. I hardly ever eat grilled cheese sandwiches myself, but when I do, well, they're good.

What you need:

  • bread
  • cheese (I use plastic-wrapped Kraft processed cheese food product squares)
  • butter

Butter the bread slices lightly. Put the cheese between the bread slices, leaving the buttered side on the outside so picking it up is a slightly sticky business. Heat a pan to medium and place the sandwich on it. Cook for a few minutes, long enough for the bread to get golden brown on the lower side, then flip it over and toast the other side. By this time the cheese will be all melty, and the sandwich is ready to eat.

The best bread for this, in my opinon, is no-knead bread. Look at that bubbly stuff. The cheese seeps right into the bread, becoming one with it rather than simply gluing the two slices together.

A reader has suggested buttering one piece of bread, putting it on the pan, putting the cheese on top of that, and then placing the second buttered slice on top. Well, sure, if you have some pathological fear of getting butter all over your hands and under your fingernails...