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Bento Recipe: Green salad


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This is really simple. What do you like in a salad? What dressing do you like? Stick that into a bento box. Here's what I usually use:

    Iceberg and/or romaine lettuce
    Salad mushrooms
    Cucumber sliced thin
    Roma tomatoes cut into chunks
    Baby carrots

    Ranch dressing, Benihana ginger dressing, or Naturally Fresh ginger dressing

Yeah, my salads are pretty simple and probably boring, but I like 'em. If you eat enough green salads to know what you prefer, then it's pretty unlikely you need a recipe to help you make it.

A few packaging-related notes. One, if you're packing a salad as part of a larger meal, the rest should be eaten cold, or you should be able to take the heatable stuff out easily to microwave it. (Otherwise you either have to messily take the salad out or heat it up. Blah!) Second, I recommend putting the salad dressing in a separate little container, especially if you have things other than salad in the box. Otherwise, it'll end up all over the inside of the container.