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Bento Recipe: Grilled Squid


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This recipe assumes the presence of a George Foreman grill, or a similar device.

What you'll need:

    The hunk of squid you'll be cooking
    1 tsp each of toy sauce and pickled ginger juice, if desired

Start the grill, and while that's heating up clean the tube (head/body) of the squid if it is not already cleaned.  Then set out some tinfoil, put the squid on the tinfoil, and then drizzle the mixed soy & ginger juice if you want to marinate it. Wrap the foil over the squid, making a flat package with a single layer of meat in the center. Put that in the grill, foil and all, and cook it for five minutes. Take it out, turn over and rotate it 90 degrees, then cook for another two minutes. Then take it out, and unwrap it when you're ready to serve. Be careful not to overcook it - overcooked squid is tough.

Serve with vegetables, over rice, et cetera.