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Bento Recipes: Grilled tofu


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The other white... vegetable.This is one of those things that sounds completely weird until you try it. Grilling squishy stuff like tofu? It works.

You need firm tofu for this. First wrap it in paper towels and set something like a cutting board on top of it to press out some of the water. Leave it this way for about 20 minutes. The  cut it up into cubes. (The ones in the picture are dice-sized; I'll do them larger next time. An inch cube is probably best) Marinate the cubes in something. Soy sauce, juice from leftover meat or chicken or mushrooms or gyuudon, a mixture of the aforementioned, or something else. Tofu doesn't have a lot of taste, so give it something you like to soak up. Turn the cubes to make sure they get a good coating. Leave it for a half hour to an hour.

Then skewer the chunks on six-inch bamboo skewers and grill 'em. I use my George Foreman grill and they come out fine. A few minutes between the plates, then a 90 degree rotation to make sure all sides get cooked.

Not being a big tofu nut, I wouldn't recommend this as a main dish, but it's nice as a side to something with stronger flavor.