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Bento Recipes: Fruit Gyoza

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Fruity half ravioliI had just finished making a batch of gyoza and was thinking about something desserty. And I remembered I had half a mango in the fridge. And I had some more gyoza wrappers. And from somewhere in the universe an inspiron - a particle of invention - struck me in the head.

What you need:

Some mango, banana with cinnamon, or any other kind of fruit you'd like to try
Gyoza or won ton wrappers
Chocolate sauce for dipping, if desired

Cut the fruit up into very small bits. Put about a tablespoon of fruit in the center of a gyoza wrapper. Don't put too much in or it will be hard to seal. Wet a finger and run it along the wrapper around the filling, then fold it in half and press the edges together to seal them. (If you are using gyoza wrappers you'll make semicircles; if you are using won ton wrappers they will be triangles. Real gyoza are also folded kinda fancy along the edges, but was lazy and skipped that part.)

You can fry these according to the gyoza instructions if you really feel the need to, but I usually steam mine for 5-7 minutes on low heat.

These can be eaten by themselves or with dipping sauce. Like chocolate sauce. Mmmmm.