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Bento Recipes: Hot dog sandwich


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What do you do with hot dogs when you need to use them up, don't have any buns, and are tired of cutting them into octopi? Why not try a hot dog sandwich?

To make this, first microwave some hot dogs, how many depending on the size of the bread you're using. (Two works for an average-sized sandwich.) Pat the grease off, then cut them in half the long way so you have two strips from each dog. Lay the strips down parallel on one slice of bread. Add ketchup or whatever else you like, and cover with the other slice of bread. Cut the sandwich into smaller sections, like four quarters, before trying to pick it up and eat it - you can imagine how it can come apart with those thin strips of meat!

Note: I don't eat most hot dogs. I've had too many cheap, icky dogs, and heard too many stories about what goes in them. However, lowfat kosher beef franks like Hebrew National taste good and aren't full of calories and other things I don't want to think about.