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Bento Recipe: Kool-Aid Pickles


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A bizarre, misbegotten idea for a snack? Sure sounds like it. But so does sugared-up mashed beans wrapped in sticky rice dough, and I love daifuku.

What you need:

    Something to make it in

I heard about this from an article in the New York Times. The gallon-sized recipe in that article calls for double-strength Kool-Aid plus a pound of sugar; take the pickles out of their natural vinegary habitat and soak them in the Kool-Aid mix for a week. Me, I'm not into large-scale production. My scaled-down version was to take one of those individual packets, the unsweetened ones meant to make one pitcher of drink, and mix that into a cup or so of water. Add double the proper amount of sugar. Mix really well. Put in a tightly-sealable container.  Take some sliced pickles - I used pickles sliced into long, thin wafers, perfect for sandwiching and absorbing alien flavors quickly - and blot the juice off of them. put them into the Kool-Aid mix, seal the container, and leave in the fridge for three days.