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Bento Recipe: Baby kebabs


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One for all and all for oneHere's something you can put together out of stuff you have in the fridge when just about everything else is depleted. Well, at least, I can.

Basically, what you need is bamboo skewers, butter, and whatever you want to skewer. I used mushrooms, roma tomatoes, and beef. Others like onion, bell pepper, lamb, and other stuff. Whatever you use, skewer them, alternating between different things and paying attention to what's next to what so that the flavors can blend. (For example, beef juice can flavor tomato and mushroom nicely, but mushroom and tomato don't do a lot for each other.) When preparing them for a bento box, keep in mind the size of the compartment they'll be in. The skewers may be able to go over partitions, otherwise you might have to cut them short.

When you've got everything skewered, brush 'em with melted butter.  Shake garlic or other seasonings over them if you like. Then grill 'em until the beef is done but not tough, turning to make sure they're evenly cooked. On my George Foreman grill this is about 2 minutes, then rotate 90 degrees, then another 2 minutes. BTW, if you're going to be cooking these on that kind of grill, cut the various bits to about the same size, otherwise the smaller items won't get properly cooked.

Eat right off the stick, naturally.