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Bento Recipes: Flavored lotus slices


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First, peel the lotus root. You only need to remove the very outer skin, so don't dig deep. Then cut it into thin sections, 1/8" or so thick. Parboil these for about 10 minutes. This is necessary because lotus root is pretty fibrous and needs some softening.

After parboiling, the lotus slices are soft enough to eat, yet crisp. However, they don't have a lot of flavor of their own. The obvious option, if you aren't going to be using them as part of another dish (such as hunter's stew or yakisoba) is to soak or simmer them in something to pick up the flavor. Among the things I've used are sauce from curry dishes, broth from niku jyaga and pseuki yaki, and plain ol' chicken broth. I'll be trying other things as they occur to me; I encourage you to play around with it too.