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Bento Recipe: Miso soup


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This isn't really much of a recipe, I suppose, but it'll get you from no soup to soup. Close enough, ne?

Buy some miso paste and a packet of miso garnish. I got both at the sushi kiosk at Kroger. The paste comes in a bottle and looks sludgy. The garnish looks kind of like sweepings. But when you put a tablespoon and a half of the paste and a tablespoon of the garnish into a cup of boiling water and let it sit covered for a few minutes, it becomes miso soup!

I like to add rice sticks (which are actually noodles) to my miso soup. I crush them first so I won't have mile-long noodles dripping soup everywhere. To do this just put the package into a Ziploc bag (not a thin off-brand one; it needs to be tough), press the air out, and then beat up on the bag. Stomp on it. Hammer it. Whatever will break up the noodles without tearing the Ziploc.  You won't break up all the noodles, but you should be able to pour crushed noodles out of the bag. Boil them for about a minute before adding the paste and garnish.