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Bento Recipes: Mochi waffles


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Wish I had plates that aren't white.Here's another thing I discovered while looking for ways to use up the frozen mochi I bought by accident.

Microwave a piece of mochi at half power for 30 seconds. It should be soft but not starting to puff up much. Put that in the center of a hot, ungreased waffle iron and close it. The mochi should be soft enough to let the iron close completely. Let it cook for a few minutes. It'll puff up and make a waffle shape, but it won't brown, or at least mine never have.  When it's done it'll crackle weirdly to itself.

Take the waffle out. It'll be crunchy, something like a rice cake, but a little chewier. You can serve it with syrup or other toppings. I like to smear it with anko - see above - and eat it as a desserty treat. My waffle maker makes four-quarter waffles, so they're easy to break into quarter-waffles that fit into a bento box.

Addendum - you can also make these with the steamed rice dumplings from the kushi dango recipe, and use the sauce from that as well.