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Bento Recipes: Nanoburgers


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Nanoburgers are little tiny burgers. Why nanoburgers instead of microburgers? Because I'm a ReBoot fan.

I like to use steamed buns for these burgers, as they're just the right size (1.5" - 2" diameter) and texture. Oh, you could just cut something out of the end pieces of a loaf of bread, but would it be the same, I ask?

Get you some ground beef. Squish it into a patty a little larger than the diameter of the bun. Fry it in a pan, adding a little garlic and/or any other spices you like. Turn once after a minute or two, depending on how well done you like it, and press it down with the spatula. Then drain the meat on paper towels. This removes fat and keeps the burgers from getting soggy in the box.

When you assemble the burger, put a leaf of lettuce above and below the meat to make sure it doesn't dampen the bread. Top with sliced pickle (pressed between paper towels for the same reason as the meat), American cheese, and whatever else you feel like. Sauces like ketchup or BBQ sauce should be added when you're ready to eat.

These are little bitty things. I estimate it takes 3 or 4 to make one lunch serving.