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Bento Recipe: Omelet


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Eggs cooked in a pan with stuff. So basic it hardly needs a recipe, but we all need to start somewhere, right?

What you need:

  • eggs
  • cooking oil
  • whatever you want to add to the eggs - cheese, mushrooms, spinach, bacon, etc.

Grease a frying pan - or an omelet pan if you have one - lightly with the cooking oil and set it on the burner to heat up to low to medium. Break however many eggs you're going to cook into a bowl and stir 'em up. Cut up whatever you're going to add to the omelet into small chunks (should be flat ones, unless you're making a pretty thick omelet) and mix them into the eggs. Pour the eggs into the pan. Cover and cook. When the eggs are no longer runny on top it's done.

Variations on cooking technique include pouring just the eggs, then adding the extras on top; folding it in half when the eggs are almost set and turning it, lifting the edges with a spatula and letting the liquid egg run underneath the omelet when half-cooked, and so on. Really, as long as you're happy with the result it doesn't much matter how you cook it!