My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 15: Spuds for dessert


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I heart yamsYou can tell when I feel lazy: I pack easy stuff like smoked salmon sushi and crab-topped sushi, which I make by sticking things on top of stamped-out rice blocks. The steamed zucchini and boiled egg are also evidence of this, as both were made in a large batch, when I used for days thereafter. My excuse for this laziness is the imo-yokan in the upper right. That's a jellied sweet potato cake, and it took no small amount of time and effort to make it! My arms ached all the next day. But it was worth it - it's tasty.

The imo-yokan is shaped funny because the best thing I could find to use a mold was a tart pan with heart-shaped cups. Sigh. Shoulda used a cupcake pan instead.