My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 17:  Picnic Lunch


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No ants!Cold lunch! Today's meal was chicken salad sandwich, rice crackers, and grapes.

As you might imagine, if I made the sandwich the night before, or even the morning before, the bread would be all soggy from the mayonnaisey salad. So, I put the salad in the three sauce containers at the top. I thought of packaging it in a rolled-up lettuce leaf, and probably will next time. Less stuff to wash afterwards. The glowing substance in the lower left is white mountain bread, which is my favorite for sandwiches. I cut it up into origami-like triangles, 3 pairs in 3 layers, to fit it into the box.

I have two different kinds of rice crackers in the lower right part. Towards the center are nori maki arare, pretzel-like sticks wrapped in nori, and below are usuyaki komaru "salad," crispy round crackers. They fit perfectly into the ecological niche normally reserved for potato chips in picnic lunches.