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Lunch Box 24: Fried Rice & Dwarf Breadsticks


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Too much brown"I have some good news and some bad news..."

The good news is that the shrimp fried rice was delicious and easy to make. The bad news is that the dwarf breadsticks* were an absolute fiasco. I'm not even posting a recipe, because that would imply that I'd encourage anyone else to bother with 'em. They're just there (with some syrup in a small container, for dipping purposes) because I don't like to throw stuff out unless it's plain inedible. As for grapes, well, I'll hate it when they go out of season.

* They were supposed to be lightly sweetened bread dough twists. What I got was not light or sweetened. It might be useful as trail food, because it's hard and ought to keep for weeks.