My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 31: Things that look like other things


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That's not ham, it's potato.Today's lunch features baked sweet potato that looks like ham, shrimp egg rolls, steamed broccoli, and onigiri.

This was my first try at making egg rolls, and they were surprisingly easy to make. However, I was using instructions without pictures, so I folded them wrong. They ended up like small envelopes instead of rolls, and weren't as structurally sound, so they tended to tear. They tasted just as good, though. (I've posted the correct folding procedure on the recipe page.) This is also the first time I've successfully made onigiri, which are hand-squished rice balls. (The first time I tried the rice stuck to my hands, not itself, and made for pitifully messy rice blobs. Then I found out the secret: do with wet hands and the rice won't stick to 'em!  Hallelujah!) I have one traditional triangle shape with nori along the bottom, and then two spheres that I arranged little cut pieces of nori along so they look like soccer balls, sorta-kinda.

This poor lunch. I made it all nice and neat for my Friday lunch, and then the women in the office (of which I am one) went out for Chinese. And on Monday we planned another lunch date at another Chinese place, so I took it home on Friday so it wouldn't go over to the dark side over the weekend. It did fulfil its destiny on Saturday.