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Lunch Box 33: Slurpin' time


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Not no cheapo ramen noodlesThis was my first time making yakiudon. I've heard good things about it from friends, but when I bought a package of udon from Kroger and cooked it according to the packaging instructions - which were similar to ramen, right down to the flavoring package - I was unimpressed. However, stir-frying it with good stuff (as opposed to just boiling it and dumping in some flavoring) makes it quite tasty. This time around I made a seafoody batch, with shrimp, bonito flakes, and water chestnuts. I think next time I'll try adding beef, broccoli, and snow peas instead.

Chocolate chip manjuu is something I came up with on a whim. Really, for someone who likes chocolate as much as I do it was only a matter of time! I made a batch of less-sweet manju, with 1/3 cup of sugar, and then rolled dark chocolate chips into the dough. When cooked, there was no hint that there were chips inside; they were clean and white on the surface just like the others. When you bite in, the combination of less-sweet pastry and dark chocolate is gooood.

As for baked sweet plantain, steamed broccoli, and an pan, well, I got nothing new to say about those. BTW, that an pan roll is from the first batch I made, some of which I had in the freezer. I told you the recipe makes a lot!

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