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Lunch Box 36: Pigs, dogs, and fish


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Teeny weeniesWhen I made cafeteria rolls I was in an experiment-y mood. One thing that occurred to me was that I could bake hot dogs into their own buns. How wonderfully clever!  So I microwaved a hot dog, pressed the grease off of it, cut it into thirds, and wrapped them in some of the dough. As you can see, the dough split along the seam on two of them, but that adds to the hot-dog-in-bun look. They were nice and tasty, just like I'd hoped. Only afterward did I realize that, in my brilliance, I'd invented... pigs in blankets.

The sushi features a new ingredient: kampyo. That is dried gourd, which looks like something you'd use to tie up a large package before mailing it. You have to soak it, and crumple it, and boil it, and season it, and then it becomes something worth eating. The larger rolls have smoked salmon and kampyo, and the smaller ones are simple kampyo-maki.

And up top is baby corn right out of the can to go with the mini hot dogs, and a clementine orange.

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