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Lunch Box 37: Grain


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Got starch?The beef & broccoli stir-fry and lo mein noodles in today's box are a dedication to... well, what I get in restaurants. Except in restaurants the noodles are round like spaghetti, not flat like these. Ah well, no biggie. The broccoli beef is tasty, though it's not in a thick glazy sauce like in restaurants. (I like the sauce in small doses, but it tends to smother stuff, and it's probably hideously caloric and MSG-laden.)

Remember public school cafeteria food? Overall it was pretty blah, but I remember my high school having the best bread rolls. All soft and fluffy and so tasty. While Googling around I found that other people remember those rolls fondly, and furthermore that a recipe existed. Huzzah! I got the ingredients together and broke in my bread machine to make the dough. (I just got a bread machine. If you like making breadlike things but find that mixing and kneading dough is drudgery, a bread machine is an excellent investment.) The result was very close to the rolls I remembered. A little on the bland side, but I used unsalted, sweet butter. That might have made the difference, as that stuff has made other things taste bland in the same way.

And for dessert, an manjuu and a chocolate chip manjuu. Yum!

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