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Lunch Box 38: Sea battle


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Giant fish or pygmy octopi?This was one of those "go through the fridge and see what comes to hand" boxes. The only thing I knew I wanted was the bacon and egg sandwich. I used to have those for breakfast when I worked over the summer in London. I made it with a cafeteria roll, combining two fond memories into one dish.

After that, I got out some leftover rice, heated it up, and made onigiri with smoked salmon filling. Hmm, what else? There's that package of hot dogs; let's make octopi. Done. Hey, why not put in a taiyaki, since I love those things and this time I actually have space for it! Done. Hmm, no green veg at all... pull the bag of edamame out of the freezer and use it to fill in the spaces.

Afterwards I realized that it looks like a sea battle in the middle. Green water and red octopi attacking a big fish. Heh, cool.

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