My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 42: Not blurry!


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Lumpy dessertsYou may notice that today's photo is a little clearer than previous ones have been.  That's because I finally broke down and got a decent digital camera. Of course, you need two things to take good photos: 1) a good camera, and 2) the skill to use it. I'm working on the second part now. Check out the recipes page, BTW - I'm finally adding photos to the recipes sections.

Today's lunch. Chicken fried rice. Yummy and easy to make. Takoyaki straight from the bag in my freezer. Freshly steamed pole beans. For dessert, an manjuu and ichigo daifuku. The ichigo daifuku is the pink lumpy thing in the upper right corner. The photos you see on the web show them all nice and neat and round, but I'm here to tell you that they don't always come out that way! But even if they aren't lovely they taste good. The white powder on the surface is potato starch (katakuriko) which I recently discovered is much better than flour for making these things handleable despite the dough's normal stickiness.

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