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Lunch Box 47: Take the Subway


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Sub sammitch Yeah, this is so very authentic Japanese food.

I made a roast beef sub sandwich on homemade French bread. The French bread is easy to make (for those who have bread machines, at least) and so tasty! I made all sizes of bread, from full-sized loaves to small hoagie-sized rolls to buns just right for a bit of jelly.

Below the sandwich, from left to right, are grapes, nori maki arare (rice crackers wrapped in nori), usuyaki komaru "salad" (round rice crackers), and amaika ("sweet squid"), which are wheat crackers shaped sort of like squid tentacles and covered with something sweet and crunchy. And they have some cuttlefish* in 'em. You'd never know it by taste, though.

*Both cuttlefish and squid are "ika" in Japanese.

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