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Lunch Box 49: Bad Hair Day


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Insert clever mouseover caption hereI was in an experimental mood this day. The yakiudon has broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and marinated tofu. Tasty stuff, and quite different from the usual seafoody recipe. On the right are steamed broccoli and steamed buns from previous batches o' cooking, and on the upper left are chocolate-wigged manjuu.

I have to explain how I got to that last one. I wanted to make chocolate-coated manjuu. So, I bought some dipping chocolate that was supposed to get all liquidy when microwaved. Well, it didn't. It got soft, and then started hardening again. Dipping was not an option. I was determined to get that chocolate on the manjuu somehow, so I smeared it on the top with the fork I'd been stirring the chocolate with. I was going to smooth it down, but then I realized that the tines made the chocolate look kind of like wigs. So, I went with that.

By the way, if you tried the manjuu recipe before and they came out brown and icky-tasting, that's because I put baking soda in the ingredient list instead of baking powder. That's how I found the recipe on the web. When I've cooked them I've used baking powder, but for some reason I forgot to put the right version in the recipe here. My apologies.

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