My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 54: Dessert Ambush


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Weird looking This lunch starts out innocently enough with the usual leftovers-and-other-stuff-I-keep-on-hand. Got tempura, takoyaki, a boiled egg, steamed broccoli, and nanocookies. But then... mochi waffles with anko? What can this be?

I finally found a cool way to cook those frozen mochi cakes I bought thinking they would be something other than inedible rice pucks. It involves microwaving a mochi on low to soften it a li'l, then massaging it with a waffle iron, and finally smearing anko into the holes. Strange, yeah, but I think it's interesting. And it's a quick way to make a waffle if you don't have time to mix up the batter. (That IS useful to someone who has to catch a bus at 6:00 AM!)

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