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Lunch Box 58: Odango Atama


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I love okonomiyaki. It's easy to make, I can make three meals' worth at once, and it reheats so well. I actually make it rather often, a batch every week or two. The stuff on the left is okonomiyaki with shrimp and daikon and bonito flakes and mushrooms and shiso fumi furikake (beefsteak plant rice flavoring) and I forget what-all else. The upper right is some of the fresh veggies I always have on hand - baby carrots, zucchini squash, and celery. The horizontal partition is actually some packaged melba toast.

At the bottom right is some kushi dango, skewered rice dumplings covered with a sweet soy sauce, um, sauce. You sometimes see anime characters eating these, so I gave 'em a try.

An aside - I gave my mother some kushi dango to try without telling her what they were. She was completely mystified. She had no idea what the dumplings were made from, and for the sauce she guessed it was plums. Heh!

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