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Lunch Box 59: Weissenmountain


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No, it's NOT burnt.White mountain bread is my all-time favorite bread for toasting, making garlic bread, using in sandwiches, et cetera. And I had a terrible time finding recipes for the stuff!  I located two online, and both left out minor details like how long you bake it and at what temperature. Sheesh.

Anyway, I did eventually find a recipe (not online) and made some white mountain bread, and it was delicious, plus I could make the loaves any size I liked, like the above bento-sized slices. I like thick crusts, myself, hence the almost-burnt-looking outline. What I packed this day was a pair of peanut butter & strawberry jelly sandwiches on thin slices of bread.

And with it there's some steamed green beans and nanocookies. I didn't buy the cupcake paper just to be artsy; it was leftover from something else. I swear.

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