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Lunch Box 67: Artsy sushi


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Green, brown, and white The other day I went out to see a movie (DOOM - yes, I know, I have no taste. Nyaah.) and since I got to the theater way early I went to the nearby Borders bookstore to kill some time. Bad idea! Every time I go into one of those places I come out with a heavy load of books. I can't help it; they stare at me like puppies in a pet shop window. Anyway, what makes this relevant is that the books that grabbed me were cookbooks - three of them - and this lunch is the result.

In the lower left we have cucumber rolls, which are seeded cucumber segments stuffed with rice and then topped with the sushi topping of choice, in this case salmon roe and shrimp. To the right are some smoked salmon maki and rice blocks with sesame seeds/nori wrapper. Up above are some edamame, sopaipallas (Mexican fried puffed dough desserts) and a container of honey to dip the sopaipallas in.

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