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Lunch Box 73: Not what I planned


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Torturillas I originally intended to make little burritos. I bought small corn tortillas and ground beef and cheese and lettuce and a roma tomato and, the evening before, made small burritos for dinner.  Well... sort of.  The tortillas did not want to roll very much, they didn't stay rolled, and they tended to split and leak fillings. It was a messy (but tasty) meal. So, knowing what I'd be facing if I tried to roll burritos for lunch, I said the heck with it and made a more saladish thing out of the fixings. I lined the bento box with tortillas because I've seen meat-tomato mixtures stain light plastics.

This would have been the first bento lunch I've eaten with a fork, except I found that we were out of plastic forks in the office. We have tons of spoons and knives, but no forks. So I used a plastic knife to cut up the tortilla without damaging the box, and ate this taco saladish thing with chopsticks. And I ate the graham crackers with my fingers.

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