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Lunch Box 104: Cephalopod cookery


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Octopus, shrimp, whatever Ho hum, here we have stir-fried lo mein noodles with veggies and shrimp, AKA yakiudon but with flatter noodles. Nothing new there except for the snow peas, which I've recently starts using. Why didn't someone tell me how crisp and tasty those things are? But that's not really all that special. Certainly the broccoli is to be expected, and grapes are far from out of the ordinary. But check out those walnut-looking things in the upper right. Those are takoyaki. Furthermore, they are homemade takoyaki, made on my own stove with a big heavy iron takoyaki pan! (Except Kroger's doesn't sell octopus, so I had to make do with shrimp.) I'm not posting a recipe for this just yet, as cooking the things is very tricky and I want to be able to give good directions to all my faithful readers. Which means I've got to figure it out myself, as certainly none of the websites I've found give decent advice to beginning takoyaki cooks. If you know of a site that gives good hints on turning technique, for heaven's sake tell me!

Oh, and in the little container is mayonnaise. I've shrugged off the Japanese inclination to put mayo on everything, but when I tried it with these ('cause I had no takoyaki sauce) I was startled at how well the flavors went together.

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